iotJumpWay Dev Program

The iotJumpWay Dev Program allows devs to integrate iotJumpWay services into their custom devices and applications. Devs can create iotJumpWay Location spaces and assign unlimited zones, devices and applications to them (See How It Works for more info about Location spaces, Zones and devices).

PLEASE NOTE: The iotJumpWay is free for personal and educational use but resources such as communicaton messages and storage may be limited in the future. Commercial and enterprize usage is currently not available.

Below you will find some information that will help you get started on your journey to a more connected world with the iotJumpWay.




Connect Devices/Applications To The iotJumpWay

Using the Developer Dashboard and the iotJumpWay Developer Libraries, you can quickly connect your devices up to the iotJumpWay using either MQTT or the JumpWay HTTP Rest API endpoints (CoAP and AMQP are currently in development). Once connected you can connected your applications to the JumpWay using exactly the same methods and begin monitoring and controlling you devices securely.


Devices are connected to Zones with what are known as Location Spaces, an example of a Zone may be your kitchen, dining room, garage or garden. Location Space are cloud hosting packages that represent physical locations such as your home or office. Applications are connected only to Locations and have the ability to connect to any devices within its own Location.