iotJumpWay Location Applications..

Congratulations, this is the final tutorial in this series. This page will take you through creating an iotJumpWay Location Application.

After this tutorial you will begin to program your devices and applications using the Github or Hackster tutorials.

Creating your first Location Application..

Navigate to your Location Space Applications area, then click on the (+) button on the top right of the Location Devices section.



Select the Location that application will be able to control/monitor and provide a unique name.


Modifying Your Application..

Once you create your application you can access it by visiting the Locations Space Applications section. Click on the relevant "Edit" button as highlighted with blue below.




You have now completed the entire preliminary tutorials, there was a lot to go through but by now you should have a solid idea of how to set up the basics. We will see you over on our Hackster page which will be the place to find all of our latest tutorials. See you on the otherside, you are awesome!