iotJumpWay Location Devices..

This page will take you through creating an iotJumpWay Location Device. After this tutorial we will show you one final introductory tutorial which will show you how to quickly set up a Location Application and then we will continue our tutorials on the Github & Hackster pages.

Creating your first Location Device..

Navigate to your Location Space Devices area, then click on the (+) button on the top right of the Location Devices section.


Location Device Configuration..

Once you have landed on the "Create Device" page you will see the first section which is the Location Device Configuration area. In this section we will select the "Location Space" and "Location Zone" that this device is to be attached to, enter a "Device Name", select a "Device Type" and finally add an optional "Device Description". Fill out this section then meet us in the next instructions below.


Add Actuators & Sensors..

At this point it is time to add sensors and actuators to your device. This step is required to provide you with sensor/actuator IDs for the "Publish To Device Sensors/Actuators", "Publish To Device Warnings" and "Subscribe To Device Commands" functions of the MQTT Library. This stage is very straight forward, simply click on the sensor/actuator that is included on your device and it will be attached once you submit your new device. If there is not a button available for your desired sensor or actuator please contact us so that we can add it.Once you have added your sensors and actuators, click on the "Create Location Device" button and make a note of the details provided to you as you will need them in the future tutorials on our Hackster page.


Edit Your Device..

We are now going to edit your new device and assign some rules to it. Once you create your device you can access it by visiting the Locations Space Device section. Click on the relevant "Edit" button as highlighted with blue below.


Autonomous Communication..

Using the iotJumpWay you can create autonomous communication between your IoT devices and actucators / sensors using rules. Currently rules can only be based on WARNING and STATUS alerts sent from devices and applications.




You have now set up your first iotJumpWay Location Device and there is only one more step to go, to go through the final stage of setting up your iotJumpWay Network, click on the button below. Make sure you have saved the credentials provided to you. You will learn how to use these in our Hackster tutorials.