iotJumpWay Location Zones..

Now you are ready for the next stage, attaching a new Zone to the Location we made in the previous tutorial. Now we will take you through the short process of assigning Zones to the Location you just created.

A Zone represents a zone within your Location. For example if your Location represents your home, you could make your first Location Zone your living room, dining room, kitchen or garden.

Create Your Location Zone..

Click on the round Zones button in your Location interface, highlighted in the image below with blue, this will take you to the area of the console that allows you to manage the Zones for the related Location.



Once you have landed on the Zones page, click on the + button in the Location Zones area.



Now you should have landed on the Create iotJumpWay Location Zone page, select the floor number and provide a unique name with no spaces or special characters.


Modify your Location Zone..

You can view and modify your zones at any time by clicking on the relevant Zones button highlighted with blue in the image below.





You have now set up your first iotJumpWay Location Zone, to go through the next stage of setting up your iotJumpWay Network, click on the button below.